Przykład listu motywacyjnego po angielsku


Dear Sir or Madam,

With reference to your job advertisement on the website from the 17th of March 2006, I would like to apply for a position of a Purchasing Expert.
On July the 7th, 2002 I became an engineer in the field of Marketing and Management. My master thesis was about management in big companies.
Since November 2003 I have been working in BBY company as Purchasing Expert. My duties include planning of deliveries and purchasing materials. I am also responsible for business negotiation and analysis of the market. I like working as a Purchasing Expert, that job makes me a lot of satisfaction and I have a lot of achievements as a negotiator.
I have worked on computers for several years which highly contributed to my knowledge of MS Office and MS Windows. It will be easy for me to learn any other application.
I offer my commitment and will to work hard. I am a young, creative, reliable person with a lot of ambition. I possess strong communication skills, I like working in a team and I have always a lot of ideas. I easy communicate and co-operate with other people in various situations.
I hope I will be given a chance to present myself in more detailed way. You may reach me at the telephone number or e-mail address given below. I am available for interview from 14th October and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully
Anna Nowak
ul. Armii Krajowej
40-002 Katowice
phone: 0-6625432
born: 10.02.1975 in Katowice
civil status: married


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